Open Banking Platform

The new standard in aggregation

Confirm identity, capture banking data, and move money without asking for bank credentials.

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Open Banking Platform

Programmable Bank

Fabric is the most powerful platform for financial innovation. Whether you are a bank or are disrupting banks, the Fabric open banking platform lets you access the data you need, in the format and frequency you need it to deliver great financial experiences.

Simple & Elegant

Developers First

The Fabric Open Banking Platform gives developers the simplest and most elegant solution to interact with their customers banking. We eliminate needless complexity and extranous details so you can get up and running in a couple of hours.

Explore the packets of financial data you can request access to below.

Realtime Push

Banking is realtime, which is why we gather data every 15 minutes, or sooner in many cases. We can push data to you the instant we receive it, or let you pull it whenever you wish.


Never ask your customers for their bank credentials again, simply direct them to our OAuth flow and have them permission you access to their data in only a few clicks.


Our platform doesn't take minutes to get data or confirm identity, we capture full historical data in only a few seconds.


Our data centre and entire team are 100% on shore in Australia. Your customers' data will never leave Australia and you'll only ever deal with a local support team.


Our platform is built 100% on serverless infrastructure, meaning no matter how big you grow, or how many API calls you make, we'll never hold you back.


Fabric has been designed in line with PSD2 in Europe and many other global open banking mandates, including Australia's move to enable customer controlled data sharing.

Flexible & Friendly


Fabric is built for every size of business, from pre-lauch right through to the big end of town.

Your first 50 users are free, after that it's pay as you go.

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